Wednesday, 28 October 2015

In, out, shaKe it all about

For those who have received their theological upbringing in an evangelical church, disagreement from the norm can be painful. When a church defines 'in' and 'out' by such precise terms it invests in adherents a distinctly 'two-worlds' view of life.

When it comes to facing the doubts that one will inevitably have with the church construct, it seems that the only alternative to being 'in' is to declare oneself as being 'out'.

No wonder that some move from a declaration of faith to an embracing of atheism. 'In' and 'out' theology is likely to make it seem as these are the only two alternatives.

Well, they are not. There are many people who have questioned some of the theology and practices of the church and still hold to a belief in God. Doubting the church should never be conflated with doubting God. Sometimes there is a need to 'shake it all about'.

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