Saturday, 11 April 2015

From my book Sea and Islands

I have been saying this for some time but now I really am very near to having completed my book 'Sea and Islands'


Here is a small excerpt.


'Big visions and a small worldview'

Over the decades following my baptism in 1975 we engaged with church in a way that left us immune from much of the pain of our world. Campaigns for the freedom of Nelson Mandela, the plight of UK mining communities, the conditions of the Palestinians in Gaza, systemic racism in society, rights against violence for married women, and campaigns against the proliferation of nuclear weapons were ignored, but we gave out leaflets about how relevant Christianity was to busy shoppers in the local market place.

I feel ashamed that the church that I was part of decided that the Prince of Peace had nothing to say to economies that were built upon war, oppression, and the sale of arms. So much so that in one of my early jobs I worked for a company selling MIL Spec (military specification) electronic components to companies making equipment for the armed forces. I have no idea whether any of the products I packed into boxes ended up directly in weapons but my sadness is that I didn't even give it a single thought.

My Christian declaration of faith in the one who had pronounced 'blessed are the peacemakers' had no impact upon my world in terms of ethical decisions. I don't believe I was alone in this lack and although I take personal responsibility there is no doubt in my mind that the theological positioning of evangelicalism demanded nothing of me in this regard.'

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